CE - Calving Ease BW - Birth Weight WW - Weaning Weight YW - Yearling Weight MILK - Milk TM - Total Maternal (1/2 WW + Milk) MCE - Maternal Calving Ease SC - Scrotal CW - Cow Weight Stay - Stayability MPI - Maternal Productivity Index FMI - Feedlot Merit Index RFI – Residual Feed Intake PWG – Post Weaning Gain REA - Rib-Eye Area FAT - Back Fat MARB - Marbling Score
*Active Sires: those sires that have sired at least 1 calf reported in the last 2 1/2 years
**Active Dams: those dams that have had a calf reported in the last 2 1/2years
***Calves are those animals born from 2015 to 2017 inclusive.

Fall 2017 EPD Tools, Averages and Trends

Important Note:
The CHA and AHA are producing multiple evaluations per year, however the PACE statistics will only be updated semi-annually upon completion of PACE runs including all participating countries. While data on individual animals may change their EPD significantly, overall population averages and percentiles will not change dramatically between these interim evaluations.

What is THE?

THE (Total Herd Evaluation) is a complete-herd reporting system to evaluate performance traits. Participating in THE provides performance reports (adjusted weights, indexes and ranks) and EPDs (Expected Progeny Differences which are run twice per year).

The THE program allows a member to participate at whichever level meets their needs as a purebred breeder. It is a cow-based program - the only requirement is that if any weight (i.e.. birth weight) is reported, then that weight (i.e. birth weight) must be reported on all calves, not just those that are registered. All traits (birth, weaning or yearling) are not mandatory. It is the comparison of calves given the same opportunity to perform that generate EPDs which can then be compared across herds .

To enroll, the office just needs to be notified! Herd Inventories are created once per year (January) and provide pre-printed forms listing owned cows… After updated inventories are submitted to the office, Weaning Worksheets are returned to the member to record weaning weights. When those are sent in to the office, Weaning Performance reports are returned to the breeder along with Yearling Worksheets etc… (Plus, of course, THE participants have access to the online system which simplifies the whole reporting process… Instructions come with the password. )

The cost is $6.00 per cow per year. Then there are no additional charges to record birth weights, weaning weights, yearling weights or ultrasound data. EPDs are simply the best measure of genetic merit currently available in beef cattle.

To register calves, space is conveniently provided on the THE forms to apply for registration of selected calves (age-applicable fees apply).

For more information or to enroll, please contact val@hereford.ca or call the office toll-free 1-888-836-7242.

Click Here for information on the THE All-Star Breeders

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