2021 Semen & Embryo Directory

If you are looking for elite Hereford genetics, browse through the directory to find an amazing selection of embryos and semen that represent an investment that will move your breeding program forward. Give the breeders a call if you are interested in any of these unique genetic opportunities.

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Tags & Supplies
Looking for ear tags and other supplies? Check out the items from our partner Ketchum!

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Calving season is here!
Not only is it important to keep permanent, accurate and complete records, it is mandatory for purebred breeders!
Pocket herd books are available at no charge from the CHA office.

MD Testing Now Available as a Stand Alone Test
The CHA board has taken another look at our requirements around MD testing. The board would like to encourage members to screen all suspect carriers of MD whether for your own replacement purposes or for the purposes of sale. For this reason the board is now allowing CHA members to solely test for MD – no parentage validation required. To order your MD test, login to your online system and select the MD test for any animals you are interested in testing. Animals do not have to be registered before ordering a test online, but they do need to be entered into your system. The CHA board hopes that this encourages testing to quickly isolate carriers, so breeders can make informed breeding decisions.

Guidance to Breeders
CLICK HERE for recommended best practices for cattle sales in Canada during COVID-19. (Updated September 2020)

Searching Genetic Abnormality Carriers
To access a list of known genetic carriers, go to the Online Animal Inquiry. Use the "Select if" drop down menus and select the "Animal is a Carrier" of whichever abnormality you are searching for. Click Search. This will populate all the animals that have been confirmed carriers for the abnormality you selected.
You can also search animals that have tested free of an abnormailty. For example, “Animal is Tested Free for MD".

Please note that if an animal was tested through the American Hereford Association, the testing result will likely not be reflected in the Canadian Hereford Association Animal Inquiry. Please follow the same steps above using the American Hereford Association Animal Inquiry to check the testing status in the USA.

More Info on the Hereford Plus Program

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The Keith Gilmore Foundation (KGF) Scholarship program awards up to $34,000 in scholarships each year to benefit young people and the agriculture industry. Three categories of scholarships are available to eligible students. Continue Reading...

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