Mission Statement

The CHA is committed to increase the demand for Hereford, Hereford genetics and Hereford influenced cattle with genetic evaluation programs and marketing strategies that enhance the acceptance of the breed.

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The Breed




To develop Hereford as the leading profit oriented, efficiency breed in Canada.


  1. Herd registry and ensuring the integrity of the pedigree information.
  2. Herd performance programs. Involving genetic evaluations using phenotypic information. Database management in generating reports through computer systems.
  3. Enhance the marketability of Hereford and Hereford genetics.
    – Marketing Programs
    – Research
    – Member Education

Pedigree Committee

Responsible for the integrity of the registration of animals within the CHA.

Hereford Breed Improvement Committee

Genetic improvement to enhance the breed and its marketability, through performance evaluation programs.

Marketing Committee

Coordinate marketing programs between the CHA and the provinces and to provide feedback on the activities and recommendations of the NMDP.

Show Committee

To coordinate regulations and programs across Canada that promotes the breed and maintains high standards of competition in the show ring.

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