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Membership Application

Fee Schedule English

Fee Schedule French

Registration Application

Embryo Transplant (ET) Registration Application

Registration Application Instructions

A.I. Sire Permit Application

A.I. Regulations

Sale of Embryo

Donor Dam Permit Application

E.T. Regulations

Abnormal Calf Reporting Form

Genetic Abnormality Policy

Natural Service Sire Authorization

Autorisation pour utiliser les services naturel de vôtre taureau

Sale Agreement for Purebred Herefords

Signing Authority Addition

Signing Authority Revision

CHA Breeding, Calving and Disposal Codes

Export Authorization

Foreign Animal Registration Application

Declaration of Lost Certificate of Registration

Lease Application

Release of Information

Tattoo Authorization

New Member

CHA Constitution

Members Handbook

Tattoo Letter & Information

Credit Card Authorization Form

Hereford Gestation Table


All-Star Breeders Criteria

DNA Instructions

Estimated Progeny Differences Fact Sheet

Why Would you Say EPD Don't Work?

Body Condition Scoring Guide

Frame Score Chart

Feedlot Merit Index (FMI)

Maternal Productivity Index (MPI)

Residual Feed Intake

How Efficient is that Cow?

Ultrasound Data for Seedstock Cattle

Avoid Misuse of Ultrasound Data

Carcass Data Collection for Genetic Evaluation

Use the Calving Ease EPD for Ease of Mind

Got Milk?

Hereford Plus

Hereford Plus Application

Hereford Plus Transfer Application

Fact Sheets

Canadian Herefords & Genomics

Beef Cattle Terminology

Winter Feeding

Sire Selection

Profitable Feeding

Horned & Polled Fact Sheet

Software Options & Websites of Interest

A Refresher in Heterosis

Marketing in the Purebred Cattle Business

Sustained Cow Fertility

Udder & Teat Scoring


CJHA Handbook

Expected Progeny Differences Fact Sheet

Farm Safety Fact Sheet

Fitting for Success! Fact Sheet

Beef Judging Fact Sheet

Marketing in the Purebred Cattle Business Fact Sheet

Non-Aerosol Grooming Fact Sheet

Beef Cattle Nutrition Fact Sheet

Beef Showmanship Fact Sheet

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