The All-Star Breeders

The THE All – Star recognizes breeders who fully comply with the THE mandate of complete and accurate reporting of performance data on their animals.

Breeders will be recognized based on an All – Star scoring system:

  • 3 Star Breeders
    report CE, BW, WW
  • 4 Star Breeders
    report CE, BW, WW
    + 1 additional trait
  • 5 Star Breeders
    report CE, BW, WW
    + 2 additional traits
  • 6 Star Breeders
    report CE, BW, WW
    + 3 additional traits
  • 7 Star Breeders
    report CE, BW, WW
    + 4 additional traits

Use your Compliance Report to identify any missing information. Compliance Reports are included with your performance reports sent out by the CHA or for Online Users the report can be generated by going to the “reports” tab in the online registy system.

The member’s name will be included with the THE All – Star list published in the August issue of the Canadian Hereford Digest, in special web search and illustrated under Membership Details and Breeder/Owner with the THE Star Logo on the web and use of the THE Star logo in the breeder’s own advertising/promotional materials until August of the following year.

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