Sire Summary

Estimated Progeny Differences at the CHA are re-calculated weekly in combination with the American Hereford Association. As this data is changing weekly we do not produce a static Trait Leader Listing.
A trait leader is a Sire that has a Weaning Weight accuracy of 60% or greater (0.6) and has an EPD in the top 15% (1 standard deviation above average) of the breed for a given trait.

To search through the current trait leaders click HERE.
Use the Select if drop down to select “Animal is a Trait Leader”.
Use another “Select if” drop down to narrow your search using other criteria. You can also use the “Trait Description” grid below “Select if” dropdowns to set minimum accuracy or EPD values for specific traits.

Once you have hit search you can rank the animals that are returned on you search by a specific EPD by clicking the EPD name at the top of the chart.

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