Junior Hereford Association Honour Roll


  1. Nominations are open from March 1 – March 31, 2024
  2. Nominations are directed to the CJHA Youth Program Manager either through email at (libby@hereford.ca) or by mail (Canadian Hereford Assoc., 5160 Skyline Way NE, Calgary, AB, T2Z 2L3)
  3. Any current CJHA member may nominate another CJHA member.
  4. A maximum of 3 CJHA Honour Roll Awards will be given out each year.


  1. The CJHA National Council will appoint a selection committee to evaluate the nominations.
  2. Nominees must be active CJHA members in good standing with a current year CJHA membership paid.
  3. CJHA members may only receive the Honour Roll once. If a nominee, is not successful in the current year, they may be nominated again the following year if still eligible.


  1. CJHA Honour Roll recognition is awarded at the Bonanza Banquet.
  2. A write-up and photo is published in the Canadian Hereford Digest and announcement of the award(s) circulated through social media platforms and news releases.

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