Junior Hereford Association Honour Roll

Objective: To honour juniors who have made a substantial contribution to the junior Hereford industry for the betterment of the breed. The Canadian Junior Hereford Association National Council shall annually consider and select inductees to the Canadian Junior Hereford Association Honour Roll as nominated from the provincial general membership, with the top two from each province being brought forward to the national council for consideration.


  1. Nominations should be addressed to the national adult advisor at the CHA office. They must be received prior to the March council meeting of the current calendar year to be included for selection.
  2. Provincial associations are reminded each year to submit their top two Honour Roll nominations.
  3. Nominations should be submitted and signed by the two persons who are members in good standing with the Canadian Junior Hereford Association. One of the two delegates must sign the nomination before it is sent into the Canadian Hereford Association head office.
  4. Persons making a nomination should carefully consider how the nominee is to be presented. And they should pay close attention to the importance of each section as indicated by the scoring system.
  5. A complete biography of the nominee is required with particular emphasis on involvement in the Hereford industry.


  1. Canadian Junior Hereford Association national delegates will review submissions to ensure they have met guidelines.
  2. Copies of all submissions are provided to the national delegates of the Canadian Junior Hereford Association for review and scoring.
  3. Canadian Junior Hereford Association national adult advisor will compile the results prior to Bonanza, and submissions receiving average scores greater than 75 are accepted for induction to a maximum of four each year.
  4. The nominees are notified prior to Bonanza so that the presentation can be made at the banquet. Inductees are asked to review and approve a biography prepared from the nomination materials and a head and shoulders picture is requested at that time.
  5. Nominations that were not accepted for induction based on the average scoring are returned to the nominator along with the average scoring and a thank you letter reminding them that they may wish to resubmit with a more thorough description in areas where the nomination scored below average.
  6. Any national council delegates that happen to be nominated must exit the room when their nomination is being presented.
  7. Presentations by national delegates about their nominees must encompass why the nominee is a worthy addition to the CJHA Honour Roll. Applications that are simply read will score an automatic zero on the “Presentation from Board Member” section.


  1. An “Honour Roll” certificate, suitably inscribed to recognize the honour, is presented to each inducted member.
  2. Presentations are made by the president of the Canadian Junior Hereford Association. If possible, the presentation is made at Bonanza.

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