Leading MPI Dams

Leading MPI Damns

The MPI (Maternal Productivity Index) is generated by combining the Calving Ease, Maternal Calving Ease, Weaning Weight, Milk, Cow Weight, and Stayability EPDs. The economic importance of each trait determines their emphasis in the Index: 0.3% CE, 0.3% MCE, 53.7% Wng WT, 21.4% Milk, 21.6% Cow WT, 2.7% SCF. Simply put – a higher MPI indicates a more profitable package! And like EPDs, the MPI numbers can be compared across the country!

Therefore, the Leading MPI Dams list simply identifies the cows with leading MPI numbers. These cows have the top 5% MPI numbers with an accuracy of 20% or greater.

MPI Dams

Dams of Distinction

The Dam of Distinction/Great Distinction list shall honour cows in the Canadian Hereford performance herds that meet the highest standards within herd for maternal ability, and recognize the cattlemen who produce them.
Based on cows enrolled in our T.H.E. performance program that meet specific criteria, a Dams of Distinction list will be produced and published on the web annually.

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